Cost Consulting
with many benefits and features

Designed to break the mould of traditional legal software solutions


Generate Income and increase cash flow
Get accounts out quicker, get paid quicker
Increase productivity with workflow driven processes
Save costs and time with our easy to use, web based interface
Manage your cost consultants effectively with enhanced reporting

Online, always on

Cost Consulting is a web application which means it is an always on solution. Cost Consulting was also develop to work on mobile devices.

Access your system Anywhere, Anytime
Free Updates


Unique Software Model

No upfront investment of large capital sums just to get the software installed
30 Day Free trial period
Daily secure backups of your data
Locally developed for local requirements

More Features

All bills are stored in a central data store, making them accessible from anywhere, anytime
Totals calculated automatically with automated bill print functions
Fully customizable code and tariff structures
Online documentation available

Cloud Computing

So what is Cloud Computing thing anyway?

Cost Consulting Cloud

Simply put, Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like electricity, providing the following benefits:

Low cost of entry

As opposed to on premise software, Cloud-based software is delivered to organizations as a subscription model. This means that the costs are incurred only as long as benefits are achieved. This does away with the enormously large up-front payments.

Zero Infrastructure - Reduced Overheads

Customers can access and use the application on the Internet through any browser. No local infrastructure meaning; no headache of upgrading aging technology, and a complete protection from unforeseen expense spikes.


Single Instance, Multi-Tenant Efficiency

This means that the cost of all software, infrastructure and expertise is shared by a large number of customers. This drastically improves implementation speed and cost effectiveness over the standard model.

Cost-effective Infinite Scalability

The pay as you go model, gives the customer the freedom to adapt to the changing usage of the software, on demand. Software delivered as services provide all of this scalability, without requiring customers to plan for it.

Platform Independence

Cloud-based solutions are hosted centrally with the service provider. No software to be installed at the customer’s premises. Applications can be used by Windows, Linux or Mac users, providing true platform independence.

Subscription Fees

As a user of Cost Consulting you have the following subscription options

  • Trial
  • Trail period is a no strings attached evaluation period in which you can use the system for 30 days before you decide to subscribe
  • 30 Days
  • Sign-up
  • Standard **
  • Complete access to all the features Cost Consulting offers you
  • R 950 / month per user
  • Sign-up

**Buy additional user accounts for R450.00 per month. As user of you can add additional users as your business needs change. Extra accounts will be billed for automatically at the end of the subsequent month

It provides the client with a straight forward, easy to use tool to generate income and improve cash flow through the management of the end-to-end process of drafting and taxation of matters.

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Designed to break the mould of traditional legal software solutions